Tax Residence in Switzerland Part 2

In part 2 of our tax residence series, we focus mainly on income taxes. How to pay taxes as a B- or C-Permit holder, taxation in the year of moving to Switzerland, tax assets as a foreigner in Switzerland and much more

International Work Arrangements in Switzerland

This complete guide assists you in understanding and choosing the right legal and tax structures for your international employment in Switzerland, including direct or indirect employment models like ANobAG and EU-employments, self-employment registrations, and setting up subsidiaries and company branches.

ANobAG: Difference of employers from EU/EFTA and third countries

A distinction is made between ANobAG who have their employer in a foreign EU/EFTA country and those whose employer has its place of business in a third country.

FAQ Work in Switzerland – Employer Abroad

We answer the most frequently asked questions and give a brief overview of the situation if you work in Switzerland but your employer is based abroad.

ANobAG vs Payroll Company

If you live in Switzerland and work for an employer who does not have a place of business in Switzerland, the employment relationship is subject to a number of peculiarities.

Contractor or ANobAG

We regularly receive inquiries from people who have recently moved to Switzerland and are now wondering whether they can continue to work with one or more clients abroad.