About Us

Our Purpose

Welcome to Taxolution Advisory LLC, founded in 2014 to fill a unique void in the Swiss financial services sector.
We noticed that expats were faced with a difficult choice: turn to local fiduciaries who lacked digital sawy and familiarity with expat situations, or deal with the impersonal behemoths of the industry. Neither option was ideal. So we stepped in and offered solutions specifically tailored to the needs of expats.

Our Values


We say it as it is, ensuring our clients receive straightforward, accurate advice.


We offer flat rate pricing, honest answers, and ensure there are no surprises in our services.

Culturally Aware

We understand the unique challenges expats face and tailor our services to meet these diverse needs.

Integrity and Trust

We uphold the highest standards of ethics in all our interactions, building long-lasting relationships based on trust.

Client-led Innovation

We continuously find new ways to exceed our clients’ expectations, driving innovation that’s anchored in their needs.

Who we are

Our team is a diverse mix of talented individuals who share a common ethos: open, direct communication. Our employees provide their expertise either from Switzerland or from a temporary remote base, fostering an environment which encourages flexibility and adaptability.

While we are proud of our growth, we also recognise the challenges it brings. The pressure to deliver high quality, timely service while constantly evolving our processes can sometimes lead to setbacks. These instances, however rare, serve as lessons that inspire us to improve our service and teamwork.

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