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The Swiss tax process entails much more than the annual tax return, especially for expats facing complicating factors like special tax status, complex asset situations, and withholding taxes. Specializing in these challenges since 2014, our tax service is dedicated to making the process financially effective, convenient, and fast for you.

Optimize Your Expat Tax Affairs With Swiss Precision

Expats enjoy a smoother tax experience with us, thanks to our Swiss-focused, customized approach.

Navigating Swiss Taxes with Ease for Expats

Our service excels in delivering precise and efficient tax solutions tailored for expats, encompassing everything from preparation of tax returns to strategic planning and swift handling of inquiries with authorities. With our advanced tax portal, you gain an immediate, transparent overview of your Swiss tax history, ensuring a seamless and stress-free management experience. We prioritize fast, personalized responses and smart onboarding to navigate Swiss taxes effectively, providing you with unparalleled clarity and control over your tax affairs.

Very good, quick and straightforward experience with Taxolution. What I appreciate most is the ability to ask many questions and answers are always provided within 1 business day. Highly recommend!

Greta M.

Very good service for Tax Return. Efficient process, professional advises, clear for non German speakers definitely. Love it.

Sebastien de Chilly

Super responsive and professional. Would definitely recommend.

Helene H.

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Greta M.
Sebastien de Chilly
Helene H.

Get in Control of Your Taxes Starting Literally Today

2 minutes

Calculating Offer

Our easy to use price calculator will show you instantly what it will cost to have your case handled. If you have any questions about pricing, you can simply submit the form ( non-binding ). We will then schedule a call to discuss your case.

Price calculation
10 minutes


Knowing which documents you need to find and prepare for a tax return can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with the Swiss tax system. That is why we have developed an intelligent onboarding process tailored to expats. We ask you simple questions about your situation in Switzerland and, based on your answers, we generate a checklist that asks you precisely and only for the documents that are relevant to your case and even gives you examples of what they look like.

Easy document upload
48hr on average

Tax Filing

As well as filing your tax return quickly, we take account of cantonal specialities to ensure that all correct deductions are applied. Using advanced software, we also check for any flags across tax years, such as wealth progression.

Tax service comparison
1-7 days after submission

Tax Return Recap & Optimization

One of our key principles is to support our clients so that they can make informed decisions. This includes making sure you understand your tax return, as this is often the basis for future optimization discussions.
So rather than sending you on your way after filing, we provide you with various elements to give you more control.

Taxolution Portal
3-24 months after submission 
(depending on tax office)

Tax Office Assessment Review

The Swiss tax return is provisional in nature and is subject to a case-by-case assessment by the tax authorities. This means that they will check the contents of the return and either use the same figures in the tax assessment or make changes. In any case, within 30 days of receiving the tax assessment, the assessment must be reviewed and any objections raised. Depending on the canton, the waiting period for the assessment can vary considerably.

Tax office response times

An English Copy For Your Filing, So You Understand What Has Been Submitted

We provide English translations of your tax forms, ensuring you fully grasp every detail, despite official submissions being in the canton’s language. Coupled with a comprehensive review meeting after your tax return is filed, you’ll gain both clarity and context, making Swiss tax management more transparent and less daunting.

Taxolution Portal

Keep track of your Swiss tax affairs with our tax portal.

One Place for Everything

Addressing the shortfall in cantonal digital tax services, our portal offers a unified solution for easy access to your tax details, irrespective of your canton of residence.

Tax Year Overview

Navigate your Swiss tax history with ease using our portal’s dashboard. It clearly displays which tax years have been successfully submitted and completed, alongside those still pending or in progress, ensuring you’re always up-to-date.

Liability Insights

Tracking tax payments and understanding your balance can be complex for expats, especially with variables like withholding tax and relocating across cantons. Our service simplifies this by providing a clear breakdown of your tax liabilities, making it straightforward to stay informed.

Assessment Status Tracker

In some cantons, it can take the tax office more than a year to conduct their tax assessment, and in most cantons there’s no simple way to check the status online. Our service includes a status tracker, eliminating the need for direct inquiries to the tax office and keeping you informed about the progress of your assessments.

Access All Your Tax Documents

Access your tax files conveniently in one location, meticulously organized by tax year. This includes submitted tax forms, their English translations, documents you’ve provided, as well as all checklists, onboarding materials, and offers. Experience complete transparency and maintain control.

Coming This Tax Season

Tax Planning Tools

Explore the impact of major life events on your tax liability with our forthcoming planning tool. Whether you’re considering purchasing a home, anticipating a salary increase, or planning for marriage, our tool allows you to simulate numerous financial scenarios. Once you’ve reviewed your options, easily book a call with us to discuss your strategies in detail.

In-depth Tax Liability Analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of the factors influencing your tax liability over time with our comprehensive analysis. From family dynamics and ownership of foreign assets to the progression of your wealth, we dissect each element to provide you with insightful revelations about your financial journey and tax obligations.

Navigate Your Taxes with Confidence

Experience a new level of service quality mixed with smart digital processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you file tax returns for all cantons?

Absolutely. Our client base is spread across Switzerland, so we are familiar with cantonal differences and particularities.

What is included in your fee?

Our tax service is based on a flat fee, taking into account the complexity of the case. The service includes all the elements needed to control your tax situation, from assessing your current situation, filing your taxes, tax optimization and access to our tax portal.

Is the service for expats?

Yes, our services are tailored for expats. This not only means that the entire process is conducted in English, but also that we are very familiar with the challenges faced by expats in relation to international tax residency, foreign assets, special filing procedures and more.

What do I have to prepare for the tax filing?

Eventually, we will need various documents to file your tax return. The good news is that we will make the journey as comfortable and painless as it can possibly be. With introductory calls, smart onboarding and a great responsiveness, we can ensure a smooth process.

Can I get a tax refund?

It depends on the case. Switzerland has a rather unique system and for expats, especially those who pay withholding tax but file a tax return, the payment modalities can be difficult to understand. If you want to get an idea of how the system works, our blog posts can get you up to speed: