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Tax Services

The Swiss tax process involves much more than the annual tax return. For expats, there are many complicating factors such as special tax status, more complex asset situations, withholding taxes, etc. Our tax service will make it financially effective, convenient and fast for you.

How Our Tax Service Works

Analysis of Tax Status and Inform Tax Office
Instant Go and Automatic Deadline Extension
Tax Return Filing in 48 Hours
Dealing With Tax Office Requests
Assessment Review and Summary
Tax Optimization Session

Analysis of Tax Status and Inform Tax Office

The Swiss tax law and the process is complex and different in every canton. Especially for expats, the first step must be to ensure that their tax status is correctly determined.

Our Solution

  • We check your tax status thoroughly
  • We know the Swiss tax law by heart and are in constant exchange with the authorities
  • We immediately recognize expat-specific tax peculiarities and statuses due to our clearly defined target group

Instant Go and Automatic Deadline Extension

The tax return process and certain formal filings are subject to a specific deadline. Depending on the deadline, it may or may not be extended. It is essential that complete clarity is obtained in this regard.

Our Solution

  • We define which process and deadlines apply, according to the canton of residence
  • As far as necessary or reasonable, we extend the deadline directly with the authorities.
  • Our process is designed so that you can start right away, plus you will be assigned a specialist right from the start

Tax Return Filing in 48 Hours

Especially for expats, filing taxes is no easy undertaking. The language barriers and the unique Swiss tax system require specific expertise and familiarity with the process.

Our Solution

  • We have the skills to properly file your tax return
  • Our process is fully in English, easy to follow and super quick
  • With a meeting to discuss the tax return, of which you will also receive a copy translated into English, we make sure that you understand the process as well as the result
  • We provide valuable insights into your tax situation, such as identifying optimization potential or our opinion on the chances of success for certain deductions

Dealing With Tax Office Requests

It is possible that the tax office may request further information during the assessment procedure. Such formal inquiries need a clear and quick response so the process will not be delayed.

Our Solution

  • We assist you with requests from the tax office to ensure a smooth assessment process
  • With an optional representation, any correspondence will be reviewed by us first and summarized for you before we deal with it

Assessment Review and Summary

The tax office will issue an assessment of the tax year at some point after the tax return submission. This must be reviewed as it will determine your effective tax liability.

Our Solution

  • We review your assessement and give you a detailed, clear summary
  • We know how to spot any potential errors and recommend the best way forward
  • Depending on the canton, the assessment does not show the final tax liability. We make sure you understand what the final tax balance will be

Tax Optimization Session

Real tax optimization happens with the right perspective and clarity looking ahead. If you plan your next one, two or even more tax years proactively, you will save much more than if you only act reactively.

Our Solution

  • In our tax optimization session we review your tax situation and advise you based on the big picture
  • We have the tax expertise needed to optimize your specific case, whether it is simple or highly complex

This Service Is for You If…

Source Taxed (Income Above CHF 120’000)

If you live and work in Switzerland with a B permit with a gross salary of over CHF 120’000, you are obliged to submit a tax return. This also applies to new residents with a B permit if their gross salary, calculated over a full year, exceeds CHF 120’000.

Source Taxed (Income Below CHF 120’000)

With a B permit and an income of less than CHF 120,000, you are not required to file a tax return. If you want to claim deductions such as contributions to pillar 3a, we will check for you whether it is worth filling out the voluntary tax return and take care of it if this is the case.

Secondary Income Sources

You could be obligated to submit a tax return because of secondary income, even if your annual (source-taxed) job income is below CHF 120’000. Cantonal provisions state what the relevant thresholds are. E.g. in canton Zurich, it is CHF 2’500 per year (worldwide).

High Wealth

Similar to the secondary income, if your worldwide taxable wealth exceed a certain threshold, you must file a tax return, even if you have a lower gross income than CHF 120’000 with the B permit. E.g. in canton Zurich, the threshold is CHF 200’000.

What Takes Our Service Further Than Others?


  • Same day video call and 48h tax filing
  • Instant digital onboarding with access to tailored checklist and cloud
  • Maximized Tax Savings

  • Optimization starts with quality – we make sure your tax return is properly filled out, no shortcuts
  • We are specialized on expats and their situations – we really know where tax savings can happen
  • We track your tax savings and give you valuable recommendations
  • More Clarity

  • One-on-One discussion of filed tax return
  • English translated tax return for your filing
  • Direct contact with our team – no outsourcing
  • Clear communication – no beating around the bush