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Business Services That Deliver Results

Our business services are dedicated to helping international companies and individuals incorporate and run a successful business in Switzerland. We provide tailored solutions for small and one-person businesses., subsidiary services and crypto-related businesses.
Our highly effective experts use cutting-edge technology to ensure that you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Proper Accounting Is Crucial to the Success of Any Business

And in Switzerland especially. There are extra hurdles due to the specifics of the Swiss legal system. We provide the bridge for gives you easy and compliant access to doing business in Switzerland:

  • Fast assessment of needs and clear roadmap
  • Personal contact
  • Pro-active instead of reactive support
  • Coverage for any communication with authorities
  • Flatrate pricing

The Usual Obstacles Do Not Apply to Us

We find solutions where others don’t and take it a step further with our business services.

Company Incorporation

Amid stricter Swiss banking towards foreigners, non-residents, or companies without a Swiss base, starting an incorporation and securing a Swiss bank account can be tough. However, using our Swiss bank ties and stable coin incorporation facility, we facilitate your Switzerland-based business initiation, regardless of nationality or location.


We provide more than just accounting services; we guide you through the Swiss financial system efficiently, aiming for minimal stress and optimal tax payment. For international firms in Switzerland, we ensure smooth coordination between local and global operations. Using advanced software, we provide instant access to your accounts for easy data exchange like receipts, invoices, and official correspondence.


We know payroll and accounting are linked, thus we ensure their alignment. This enables us to offer a salary fitting your company’s tax strategy, along with standard Swiss salary documents and adequate insurance. We assist you in managing tax-exempt salary benefits, subject to approval, potentially reducing your tax expenses. Our attentive payroll services aim to give you peace of mind.

Direct Contact With Our Experts –
No Outsourcing

Looking to work for a foreign employer or client while living in Switzerland? By becoming an ANobAG, you can settle social insurances in Switzerland, all while remaining directly employed without the need for a third party such as a payroll company. Not only is ANobAG a convenient option for the contracting party abroad, but it is also the natural legal construct for this situation. We can navigate the legal complexities of international tax and social security laws, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of ANobAG registration without the hassle of navigating the nuances on your own.