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Our tax preparation service is famous for its easy process, incredible speed and personal attention.

Tailor-made for all expats who need to file a tax return in Switzerland. Whether you have simple tax circumstances or deal with the most complex issues, we can help you at a reasonable price and with the highest quality of service.


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You live in Switzerland and have an employer or contractor abroad? Then our flatrate ANobAG service could be just right for you.


Company incorporation

Are you planning to establish a company or a subsidiary in Switzerland? Our incorporation service is tailored to the international framework.


Accounting and payroll

We offer different web-based packages for small businesses looking for a simple and modern way to do their accounting and/or payroll.


Tax representation and planning

If you don’t want to deal with the various letters that you receive from the tax office, we can represent you and take all correspondence in your place.


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The Swiss tax system seems confusing at first for expats. Nothing is in English, it seems as if invoices flutter in randomly on a regular basis and suddenly the tax documents are sent to you with a deadline. We bring clarity quickly and easily.

Ron R. Rosenwasser, CEO

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If you have lived and worked in Switzerland for some time and then want to move to another country, you will inevitably have to deal with the question of what happens to your accumulated Swiss social security credits.

Marriage penalty: what impact does marriage have on taxation?

In Switzerland, the marriage penalty refers to the tax disadvantages associated with entering into a marriage. In particular, high-earning spouses are often in a worse tax position than unmarried couples.

How must inheritance be taxed?

Inheritance tax in Switzerland is levied by the cantons, which is why tax rates and exemption amounts can vary widely. Find out here where and how an inheritance must be taxed and how the tax burden can be reduced.