Tax Service Pricing

Tax Service Pricing

With this calculation tool you can discover your price for our tax service.
Simply answer all questions in this tool and send your request to us!

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Tax Service FAQ

How much will my tax return cost?

The cost of our tax service is based on the complexity of your case. Simple cases start at CHF 700 and costs scale with complexity. Using our price calculator tool above will give you an instant quote, which you can send to us with no obligation to use the service.

Why do you charge more for your tax service than some of the other providers out there?

Our service is not limited to the tax return and includes many other elements to help you get a real grip on your taxes. We have seen countless cases in the past where taxpayers think that the tax return is the only thing to look out for and that by deducting meals (or similar expenses) they are being proactive in their tax optimization. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is why our service is more comprehensive and gives you the opportunity to plan ahead and make real tax savings.

How does the tax service process look like?

Basically, you create your quote above and send it to us. You will immediately be invited to schedule a call to discuss your case if necessary, as well as to onboard for the service. Once onboarded, you will receive a bespoke checklist of all the documents we need to file your tax return, as well as access to your cloud folder. It usually takes us 48 hours to file your return, after which you will receive a summary email with information on filing your return (always digital), information on your tax liability and an analysis of your tax optimization potential. We will use a video call to go through your return to make sure you understand all the entries and there will be a further personal meeting to plan your optimization strategy. All this and more is included in the package price. TLDR: – Offer – Onboarding – Tax return filing – Tax optimization session

Can we have a conversation to discuss my case before I use the service?

Yes, you can. For each service you will be invited to arrange a call with us after you have submitted the initial pricing form. The call is free of charge and is designed to give you clarity about your situation and how our service might help. After the call, you can make an informed decision about whether to engage us.

When and how do I pay for the service?

At the end of the month in which the service was provided, we send our invoices by e-mail in CHF. You can pay the invoice via standard bank transfer.

What is your discount policy?

We work with honest and transparent prices, there are no discounts, special offers or similar reductions except for a referral program. If you successfully refer a client, you will receive a 10% discount on your invoice.