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We help expats in Switzerland to manage their taxes at the highest speed with full optimization and clarity, completely wrapped in a digital process.

Business Services

We offer comprehensive services for businesses, such as company incorporations, modern accounting and digitalized administrative assistance.


We ensure that you can work for your foreign employer or contractor in a compliant, secure and cost efficient manner under the “ANobAG” structure.

We Help Expats Navigate
the Swiss Tax System the Right Way

  • Max tax savings, every canton covered
  • Optimization recommendations after first call
  • English-translated tax return for your filing
  • All-digital process

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The Swiss tax system seems confusing at first for expats. Nothing is in English, it seems as if invoices flutter in randomly on a regular basis and suddenly the tax documents are sent to you with a deadline. We bring clarity quickly and easily.

Ron R. Rosenwasser, CEO

Hand-Selected Knowledge for Expats

What Happens to Swiss Social Security Credits When Moving Away?

If you have lived and worked in Switzerland for some time and then want to move to another country, you will inevitably have to deal with the question of what happens to your accumulated Swiss social security credits.

Wealth Exodus: Billionaires Leave Norway in Response to Rising Taxes

The government of Norway has introduced stricter rules for taxing and a lot of the country’s billionaires have moved. Why do they come to Switzerland?

Marriage Penalty: What Impact Does Marriage Have on Taxation?

In Switzerland, the marriage penalty refers to the tax disadvantages associated with entering into a marriage. In particular, high-earning spouses are often in a worse tax position than unmarried couples.