Tax returns

We reliably prepare tax returns in the shortest possible time. Our experience is made as pleasant as possible for you through short response times and state-of-the-art information exchange. Whether you have just moved to Switzerland, have been here for some time or have just left or whether you just have your earned income or if you have a whole collection of real estate, vested shares and other assets and complications involve, we support you in this process.

What’s included:

  • Summary of key points of the tax return
  • Full optimization
  • Personal contact from the start
  • Swift responses
  • Tax filing within 48 hours on average
  • Full clarity about tax situation

What the process looks like:

  1. Calculate costs and send request
  2. Upload documents to cloud
  3. Tax return filing
  4. Summary and submission
  5. Wait for tax assessment

This service is for

Source taxed (income above CHF 120’000)

If you live and work in Switzerland with a B permit with a gross salary of over CHF 120’000, you are obliged to submit a tax return. This also applies to new residents with a B permit if their gross salary, calculated over a full year, exceeds CHF 120’000.

Source taxed (income below CHF 120’000)

With a B permit and an income of less than CHF 120’000, you are not obligated to submit a tax return. However, you could submit a source tax correction form to claim additional costs and therefore get a refund.

Secondary income sources

You could be obligated to submit a tax return because of secondary income, even if your annual (source-taxed) job income is below CHF 120’000. Cantonal provisions state what the relevant thresholds are. E.g. in canton Zurich, it is CHF 2’500 per year (worldwide).

High wealth

Similar to the secondary income, if your worldwide taxable wealth exceed a certain threshold, you must file a tax return, even if you have a lower gross income than CHF 120’000 with the B permit. E.g. in canton Zurich, the threshold is CHF 200’000.

Calculate the costs instantly and send a non-binding request to discuss your situation

Why work with us?

Quick turnarounds

Due to our specialization we offer a flexible and pleasant process. We respond quickly, transparently and bring the essentials to the point. Data exchange is digital and secure. The transfer to our cloud is encrypted and the finished tax dossier is made available to our clients via end-to-end encryption.

Affordable pricing

Often expats are not willing to pay a price of several thousand CHF to one of the big auditors for a tax return after the employer has stopped to come up for the costs. With us, you get a specialized service for a reasonable price as we close the gap between the big 4 and the normal Swiss trustees who do not specialize in expats tax matters.

For local hired expats

As part of the relocation, expats are well covered by the employer with regard to taxes. But already after two or three years, or as soon as a local employment contract comes into effect, they are on their own and are looking for an appropriate solution.

Data security

Our service is continuously optimized to make the experience even more pleasant for the client. However, this is not at the expense of data security. We only use the latest software and cloud solutions of the highest quality and our processes and communication guarantee a high level of diligence.

Established and trusted

For some time we have had the privilege of supporting more and more new satisfied clients from all over Switzerland, which has allowed us to become very familiar with any specialities of the employers or the applied practices of the relevant tax offices.

Relevant expertise

We are familiar with the factors that expats have to deal with. Real estate abroad must be declared accordingly, as must bonuses from previous employment abroad or foreign securities with withholding tax. Exactly such specialities are considered by us, unnecessary double taxation can be avoided.