Tax Return Cost Calculator

Tax Return Cost Calculator

Calculate the price of your tax return by filling out and submitting this form, You can send it to us without reservations, as it is a non-binding request. We will contact you promptly to discuss your situation with you.

FAQ about our service

The price of your tax return is determined using the cost calculator above. In certain cases, we will provide you with an updated price if we identify simplifying or complicating factors during the process.

When you hire us for tax return service, we will guide you through the process of filing your tax return. This means that we will complete the tax forms for you and either submit them directly online or in paper form on your behalf, or provide you with the exact file that needs to be submitted. The method of filing depends on the canton. In either case, we will instruct you on how to complete the submission.

Any work performed after the tax return summary has been emailed to you is not included in the tax return service. This may include, for example, reviewing the tax assessment, filing an appeal, or assisting you in answering questions from the tax office.

We will send you a link for the cloud (MS SharePoint) where, you can upload your documents. You can do this simply by dragging and dropping.

No, you will be assigned to one person after you submit your request. This person will then support you throughout the process and beyond, and is familiar with your situation.

Each service we provide is invoiced by email at the end of the month in which we provided the service. Example: If we complete the tax return and email you the summary at the beginning of the month, the invoice will follow on the last day of the same month. The invoice and the obligation to pay it are not dependent on the feedback from the tax office, as it can take months or even 1-2 years for tax assessments to be issued.

Yes – if the client is abroad or leaving Switzerland, the service must be paid in advance.