Business Service Pricing

Business Service Pricing

Calculate your costs and arrange a non-binding call to discuss your business needs.

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Pricing FAQ

What will the service cost?

All our standard services are based on a flat rate. For each service there is a price calculator that allows you to work out the price of the service yourself. Each of these forms is non-binding, so you can contact us even if you are not sure whether you will end up using the service.

Can we have a conversation to discuss my case before I use the service?

Yes, you can. For each service you will be invited to arrange a call with us after you have submitted the initial pricing form. The call is free of charge and is designed to give you clarity about your situation and how our service might help. After the call, you can make an informed decision about whether to engage us.

When and how do I pay for the service?

At the end of the month in which the service was provided, we send our invoices by e-mail in CHF. You can pay the invoice via standard bank transfer.

What is your discount policy?

We work with honest and transparent prices, there are no discounts, special offers or similar reductions except for a referral program. If you successfully refer a client, you will receive a 10% discount on your invoice.