Contractors (ANOBAG)

ANobAG explained in a nutshell

If you live in Switzerland but want to work for a foreign employer or client, you have several options. One of them is to register as an ANobAG. ANobAG is the abbreviation for employee or employer liable to pay contributions and allows you to settle the social insurances in Switzerland instead of your foreign employer or client. This construct is particularly popular because there is no third party involved (as with a payroll company), so you remain directly employed. In addition, it is very convenient for the contracting party abroad (they have practically no contact points with the Swiss administration) and it is the natural legal construct for the situation. However, the subject is not quite simple, because different areas of law such as international tax and social security law interact and there are accordingly certain hurdles or limits. The good news is: we know them all!


We will advise you transparently and let you know if ANobAG fits your situation or not. If yes, we accompany you from A to Z. We guide you through the registration process, if desired through the contract negotiation and design and afterwards with the monthly wage documentation. We regularly work with the party in Switzerland, the party abroad or often both parties and are accordingly versatile in our services.

What’s included


Videocalls for easy communication throughout the process


Personal assessment


Flat rate pricing


Salary projections for employee


Cost projections for employer


All-inclusive service


Ongoing support for admin and payroll

What the process looks like

After we receive your request, we can discuss your situation in a video call.

All important points such as salary calculation and contract structuring are worked out in detail.

We procure the appropriate insurance quotes so that all mandatory insurances are obtained.

After a final round of questions, we prepare the registration forms and send them to all parties for digital signatures.

We set up the payroll and support you with the ongoing administration.

This service is for you if…

Employees in CH with employers abroad

If you live in Switzerland but your employer is domiciled abroad, ANobAG could be a suitable solution.

Employees with plans to relocate to CH

If you have an employer abroad and would like to move to Switzerland, ANobAG could be just the right thing for you.

Freelancers in CH with contractors abroad

If you have a client abroad or cannot register as self-employed, ANobAG can get you properly registered.

Residents with secondary job income from abroad

If you have income from abroad in addition to your main occupation in Switzerland, registering an an ANobAG could be mandatory.

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