Weekly residents

If you work in Switzerland during the week and regularly return to your family abroad, you could qualify as an international weekly commuter under Swiss tax law. As an international weekly commuter, you do not file a tax return in Switzerland, even if you earn more than CHF 120’000.
International weekly commuter should claim additional deductions for the respective tax year, which are not included in the withholding tax rate. These include, in particular, regular travel expenses to the place of residence, housing costs and income from employment during a physical stay abroad.


Before we make an application for tax relief based on your status as an international weekly resident, we need to carefully analyze your situation. With the form below we will get a rough overview. We will contact you as soon as we receive your inquiry to review the details with you. There is no charge at this stage. Only after we have analyzed the potential, we will send you an offer.

After we have thoroughly reviewed your situation together, we will send you an individual list of documents we need. Once you have all the documents together, you can simply upload them to the cloud folder that we assign to you. The transfer is encrypted.

In the next step we write the application and create a dossier with all evidence. We will be able to tell you exactly how high your tax credit will be in the best case and then send the application directly to the tax office.

Once the application dossier has been submitted, the tax office carries reviews it. Depending on the canton, this process takes several months. During this time we will of course continue to be available for questions. Once the review has been conducted, you will receive the applicable tax refund.

Our offer for weekly residents

We know the cases

International weekly residents are often not aware that they have only limited tax liability. And the tricky thing is that the tax office does not know either. This regularly leads to the fact that the weekly residents are sent a tax return and have it filled out. All income and assets are taxed, although a limited tax liability applies only to the income from employment that is earned during the physical presence in Switzerland.
We are alert to these cases, recognize them and inform the client about their possibilities.

A perfectly tailored solution

We have created a set of documents and templates adapted to the specific processes of different cantons. This allows us to guarantee a transparent and controlled process and to keep costs reasonable. We can also apply for a tax ruling on behalf of your employer in the respective canton, so that potentially a large part of the withholding tax will not be levied in the first place.

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Persons who retain their family residence abroad and stay in Switzerland solely for the purpose of working are considered international weekly residents…