Tax return 2022

Tax return 2022

As an existing client, you have exclusive privilege to secure a slot for the tax filing 2022.


Tax return cost calculator

Before you set your kickoff date, you can use our cost calculator, which will instantly show you the price of our tax service.


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FAQ – service update for existing clients

Yes. We want to provide comprehensive support instead of just focusing on the tax return. So the new service includes all the elements that will guide you safely through an entire tax period, not just at a specific point in the year. This way, we ensure that your taxes are processed more quickly at the tax office, identify errors early on in the assessment process, and guide you more closely in your tax planning.

It is a misconception that with the tax return the essential work for a clean tax situation is done. For every tax return there is an assessment that needs to be reviewed, the tax offices are becoming increasingly strict and require formal feedback in many cases. Sensible tax planning must be done before the end of the tax year, not at the time of the tax return in the following year, and so on. With the new service we want to meet exactly these conditions.

The pricing structure, yes. As we now include the essential elements in addition to the tax return in the price, we no longer have to charge them separately by the hour. The new flat rate is based on data we have collected over the past years and gives you as a client more price certainty.

The cost calculator is decisive and determines the price.

Absolutely, you will have more control and comfort over your tax situation. If you are not convinced, schedule a 1:1 with Ron to talk about it.