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With our tax guide we try to explain the most common topics and uncertainties in a simple way. Depending on the situation, an individual assessment of the situation is irreplaceable.

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Contractor or ANOBAG?

Contractor or ANOBAG? We regularly receive inquiries from people who have recently moved to Switzerland and are wondering whether they can continue to work with one or more contractors abroad. According to Swiss legal principles, however, these are often not considered to be contractual relationships, but factual employments. The contractual partners abroad then regularly become […]

Taxation in Switzerland

Principle of Family Taxation

The principle of family taxation states that the worldwide income and wealth of a married couple sharing the same household as well as potential dependent children must be declared in a joint tax return.

Taxation in Switzerland

Taxation of Properties Owned Abroad

Properties abroad must also be declared. This is also applicable if the property is already taxed abroad.

Taxation in Switzerland

Expat Tax Benefits

The term “expat” is regularly used for both, locally employed and dispatched employed persons of foreign nationality. However, it is important to understand that there is a difference.

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Taxable Income and Expenses

Swiss income tax is levied on the individuals worldwide income such as (self-) employment, pension and retirement income, immovable as well as movable assets, lottery winnings and, under some instances, also capital gains. In this article we want to provide an outline of the sources of income and expenses that have an impact on income […]

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Swiss Wealth Tax Explained

The Swiss wealth tax is levied solely on a cantonal level. In most cantons, the tax burden on assets exceeding CHF 200’000 is between 0.2% and 1% percent.

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