Company incorporation

In contrast to other countries, setting up a company in Switzerland is very easy, because the effort and the official procedures are kept within limits.

Contractor or ANobAG

We regularly receive inquiries from people who have recently moved to Switzerland and are now wondering whether they can continue to work with one or more clients abroad.

Taxation of properties abroad

There is often a misunderstanding that the ownership of real estate abroad does not have to be declared in the tax return by a taxpayer in Switzerland.

Principle of family taxation

In Switzerland, in addition to individual taxation for single taxpayers, there is also so-called family taxation.

The 3-pillar system in Switzerland

The Swiss 3-pillar pension system is one of the best in the world. In this article, we explain exactly how the 3-pillar system works in Switzerland.

Tax Residence in Switzerland

Residence is defined as the place where a person stays with the intention of settling permanently and which therefore provides the center of his/her personal and business interests.