Tax services

We are specialized in expatriates and locally employed residents with international tax relations. We handle both simple and highly complex tax cases reliably, quickly and without complications. Our processes are designed to provide you with a smooth process with complete transparency.

Quick turnarounds

Due to our specialization we offer a flexible and pleasant process. We respond quickly, transparently and bring the essentials to the point. Data exchange is digital and secure. The transfer to our cloud is encrypted and the finished tax dossier is made available to our clients via end-to-end encryption.

Relevant expertise

We are familiar with the factors that expats have to deal with. Real estate abroad must be declared accordingly, as must bonuses from previous employment abroad or foreign securities with withholding tax. Exactly such specialities are considered by us, unnecessary double taxation can be avoided.

Affordable pricing

Often expats are not willing to pay a price of several thousand CHF to one of the big auditors for a tax return after the employer has stopped to come up for the costs. With us, you get a specialized service for a reasonable price as we close the gap between the big 4 and the normal Swiss trustees who do not specialize in expats tax matters.

Data security

Our service is continuously optimized to make the experience even more pleasant for the client. However, this is not at the expense of data security. We only use the latest software and cloud solutions of the highest quality and our processes and communication guarantee a high level of diligence.

For local hired expats

As part of the relocation, expats are well covered by the employer with regard to taxes. But already after two or three years, or as soon as a local employment contract comes into effect, they are on their own and are looking for an appropriate solution.

Established and trusted

For some time we have had the privilege of supporting more and more new satisfied clients from all over Switzerland, which has allowed us to become very familiar with any specialities of the employers or the applied practices of the relevant tax offices.

Find your fit

Services to suit your needs

Tax returns

Tax return filing for C and B permit holders.


Packages for residents with employers or contractors abroad

Weekly commuters

Tailor-made solutions for international weekly commuters

Representation and planning

A covered back in all tax issues. Objections, planning and more.


What our clients says

I am very satisfied with Taxolution and the service they provide is professional, timely and accurate. Ron always provided me detailed feedback to my questions and I have my full trust in them that they do my tax declaration in an accurate way. I am sure I will use their service for the 3rd time as well next year.

Rita Nemes

Senior HR Business Partner, Carlsberg Supply Chain Company

I have used Taxolution’s services for the past 4 years. Their level of service has always been impressive, with a willingness to support me when I have questions, and an attention to detail ensuring that all aspects of their work have been accurate and right first time.

I would recommend Taxolution very highly and thank them for their great work.

Simon Marlow

Former Global Head of Planning, AB Mauri

A colleague recommended Taxolution to us for filing tax returns and advice on tax planning. We have been very happy with the services provided, appreciate the responsiveness and the straightforward contact. Their advice has been sound and we will continue to work with them for the foreseeable future. We would recommend Taxolution to anyone in Switzerland but especially to other expats.

Michael Clark

Global Procurement Director, Unilever

I had to do my tax return in Switzerland the first time and I am very happy with the service provided by Taxolution Advisory. The whole process goes quickly and smoothly and I could file my tax return on time considering that I didn’t have too much time. I will continue using their services again in the future and highly recommend to anyone needing tax-related advice.

Alberto Pradas

Director, Marketing & Business Development, Cordis EMEA

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