ANobAG vs Payroll Company

If you live in Switzerland and work for an employer who does not have a place of business in Switzerland, the employment relationship is subject to a number of peculiarities.

Wealth Tax

Swiss wealth tax is not a federal tax like the income tax, for example, but is regulated on a cantonal basis – which doesn’t necessarily make it easier to get an overview. That’s why we explain everything you need to know about Swiss wealth tax in this article.

Contractor or ANobAG

We regularly receive inquiries from people who have recently moved to Switzerland and are now wondering whether they can continue to work with one or more clients abroad.

Taxation of properties abroad

There is often a misunderstanding that the ownership of real estate abroad does not have to be declared in the tax return by a taxpayer in Switzerland.

Principle of family taxation

In Switzerland, in addition to individual taxation for single taxpayers, there is also so-called family taxation.

Taxable income and expenses

Swiss income tax is levied on the individuals worldwide income such as (self-) employment, pension and retirement income, immovable as well as movable assets, lottery winnings and, under some instances, also capital gains.