Labor Law in Switzerland – an overview

Anyone who is gainfully employed in Switzerland is protected by Swiss labor law and is also subject to its rules.

Immigrating to Switzerland – these options are available

Depending on which citizenship(s) an immigrant to Switzerland holds, immigration regulations differ. In this article we explain everything you need to know about immigrating to Switzerland.

Other federal taxes in Switzerland

In addition to VAT, there are other federal taxes in Switzerland that should not go unmentioned here, because we want to give you as broad an overview as possible of the Swiss tax system.

Indirect taxes in Switzerland

As in many other countries, Switzerland also has a value added tax, which every consumer has to pay. In this article we explain which rates apply to which goods or services.

Double taxation agreements

In order to avoid the income and assets of an individual living in Switzerland but having income or assets in another country, Switzerland has concluded double taxation agreements with many countries.

Imputed rental value – what you need to know from a tax perspective

In this article, we explain what the imputed rental value is, how it is calculated, and what all you need to take into account when declaring it in your tax return.