Imputed rental value – what you need to know from a tax perspective

In this article, we explain what the imputed rental value is, how it is calculated, and what all you need to take into account when declaring it in your tax return. 

Tax residence in Switzerland

For foreigners working in Switzerland, it is not always very clear how the tax payment works, because there are differences depending on the residence status of the person concerned.

Tax consequences of divorce or separation

A divorce or separation is not an easy undertaking for all parties involved, as it represents a serious break in the lives of both partners (and possibly their children).

Taxation of employee shareholdings

At some Swiss companies, it is customary to offer employees shares in the company as a partial component of their salary. Shares are a common form of participation, but not the only one.

Company taxation system in Switzerland

Switzerland is so attractive for many companies because corporate taxes are very low compared to many other countries. Read about the basics of corporate taxation in Switzerland.

Tax on worldwide income and worldwide wealth

If you are a Swiss citizen or a foreigner with tax residence in Switzerland and have income from abroad and/or assets abroad, you must declare them in your Swiss income tax return.