Recreational activities

What do you actually do in Switzerland when you’re not working? Since free time also plays a major role in a positive work-life balance, we naturally don’t want to leave this topic unmentioned here.

Childcare in Switzerland

If you are moving to Switzerland with young children who are not yet of school age, you may need a childcare option.

Public transportation

The public transport network in Switzerland is one of the best developed in the world. In urban regions, more and more people are doing without their own vehicles and are traveling by public transport instead.

Rent and buy in Switzerland

The purchase and rental prices for real estate vary greatly from region to region. In highly sought-after areas or large cities, you have to dig deeper into your pocket than if you want to live in a more rural area.

Labor Law in Switzerland – an overview

Anyone who is gainfully employed in Switzerland is protected by Swiss labor law and is also subject to its rules.

Immigrating to Switzerland – these options are available

Depending on which citizenship(s) an immigrant to Switzerland holds, immigration regulations differ. In this article we explain everything you need to know about immigrating to Switzerland.